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Dordrecht, Schefferplein - Statenplaats

Location   Dordrecht, Schefferplein - Statenplaats
Residential units   >100 
Retail area   4,000 m2 
Project type   Transformation from retail to residential units

Just in between Schefferplein and Statenplaats at the heart of Dordrecht is a retail block that previously housed the V&D. The vacancy requires a new use. This block is being redeveloped for 1/3 for new commercial spaces. The other part will be demolished and rebuilt into residential homes and mainly retail in the plinth. A public toilet is part of the plans.

Update 21-04-2023

We are pleased to announce that Dordrecht municipality has granted the environmental permit for the realisation of shops, homes and offices on the V&D site in Dordrecht. It is an important step in the process, but there is still a long way to go before the building on Schefferplein regains its former allure.
Before we can start building, we will first select a demolition company and a contractor who will carry out the work for us. We are also preparing the installation of the CHP system. We expect to be working on this until early 2024.
Together with the demolition company and contractor to be selected, we will draw up a plan to ensure a smooth demolition and construction process. This plan will describe the measures we will take to minimise disruption during the demolition and construction period. We will coordinate this plan with the municipality and inform local residents, shopkeepers and the hospitality industry. 

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