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As a project developer, Reshape Properties takes a multidisciplinary approach to the development of new projects or the redevelopment of existing properties. Our job is to coordinate all aspects to guarantee a successful, socially relevant and financially profitable project. 

We take the lead from the very beginning: locating a project site, developing a concept, attracting financiers, and managing the architects and contractors. We meet with municipalities and local residents to ensure support for the project and we secure all required permits. Finally, we manage all construction or renovation activities and of course sales.


We work with our reliable partners while directing the entire process and maintaining final responsibility. We manage the project and ensure accountability and transparency. As a project developer, we always co-invest in our projects. 

Making it a better place

Clearly, a project needs to be financially profitable. In addition, we always strive to make the location a better place by improving the quality of the property and its immediate vicinity to the benefit of both users and society. Read more about this principle under 'society & sustainability’.