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Beryllus Alpha Portfolio

Location   Multiple locations in the western Netherlands
Gross floor area   30,000 m2 
Project type   Sale & leaseback and transformation

In 2011, Reshape Properties, together with Atlas Invest’s real-estate investment arm, acquired 24 KPN telecom buildings through a sale & leaseback arrangement. The projects acquired are mainly located in the western part of the Netherlands. The locations include: Ruiterweg 28 in Castricum, Doelenplein 8 in Delft, Jan Pieterszoon Coenlaan 2 in Haarlem, Middenbaan Noord 15 in Hoogvliet, Lijnbaan 13 in Leiderdorp and Tuinstraat 4 in Veenendaal. 

All the properties are located in urban areas and have an attractive redevelopment potential. When the KPN lease expires, Reshape Properties will redevelop the properties.

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